Hunniford Meats - Custom meat cutting and sausage-making
Basic Cutting Rates
  • Large wild game (moose, elk, caribou, wild bison) -  75¢/lb
  • Small wild game (bear, deer, moose calves) - 79¢/lb
  • Domestic (beef, pork) - 69¢/lb
  • De-Boning Only - 59¢/lb
The above rates include hanging, cutting, wrapping, freezing, and boxing. Weight charged is based upon the hanging weight (before cutting).
*A Rush surcharge may apply if you need your order ready by specific date.
*A Dirty surcharge may apply if the carcass has lots of dirt, debris, tarpaulin, or other foreign matter
*All prices are subject to change without notice.
We vacuum pack all smoked products and fresh sausages to prolong freshness. A 40¢/bag fee applies.
The fees below apply to finished product weight. Depending on the product, the finished weight may be higher or lower than the starting weight.
Smoked Products
  • Beer Salami -  $1.80/lb
  • Summer Salami -  $1.80/lb
  • Cervalet Salami -  $1.80/lb
  • Hickory Salami  - $1.80/lb
  • Bologna - $1.80/lb
  • Garlic Salami -  $1.80/lb
  • Garlic Coil  - $1.85/lb
  • Farmer Sausage (Coil) - $1.85/lb
  • Pepperoni (sm) - $2.75/lb
  • Hot Pepperoni (sm) -  $2.75/lb
  • Honey Garlic Pepperoni (sm) -  $2.75/lb
  • Pepperoni - $1.85/lb
  • Hickory Sticks $2.75/lb
  • Smokies  - $2.10/lb
  • Cheese Smokies  - $2.50/lb
  • Jalapeno&Cheese Smokies - $2.60/lb
  • Jerky  - $8.00/lb
  • Formed Jerky -  $8.00/lb
Fresh Sausages
Fresh Smokies, Bratwurst
Spicy Italian 
Mild Italian 
Dinner size - $1.85/ lb
Breakfast size - $1.95/lb
Sausage Meat - $1.65/lb
Hamburger patties - $1.85/lb
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