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Meat cutting has been a long-standing Hunniford family profession. In 1927, W.C. Hunniford relocated his family from Kindersley, Saskatchewan to the West Coast. W.C. spent a few years learning the meat trade and in 1930, he acquired the 51 year old Milner Meat Market of Langley (read the original newspaper article to learn more).

Check out the 1933 Milner Meat Market advertised specials to the right. It's been a good long time since phone numbers were three digits long and ripe tomatoes cost nearly the same as

T-bone steaks!

Milner Meat Market was largely run as a family business operation. W.C.'s sons grew up working in the business and learning the trade. Harv followed in his father's footsteps in 1945 and opened his own meat market. W.C.'s eldest son, Wilf, also remained active in the business.

(Click here to check out Harv's feature in the Langley Business update in 1985)

Fast-forwarding one generation ahead to 1973........Wilf's son Ken ventured into the North for work. By 1975, Ken started Hunniford Meats of Prince George. It began as a mobile slaughtering/meat cutting business, which was mostly operated out of a 5-ton refrigerated truck. Later, a meat shop was added to keep up with the expanding business. By the 90's, the business underwent some major changes. The mobile slaughtering services were dropped and a basic fresh sausage kitchen and smokehouse were added.

At present day, Hunniford Meats offers custom game and domestic meat cutting services, plus over 20 kinds of smoked and fresh products!

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